Mr. Strange and the Core walkthrough video

Here’s a long overdue post for a game we released some time ago. A walkthrough video for Mr. Strange and the Core. I just wanted to give this video a home on our blog as well. ┬áHere we go, and bare in mind that this is not a perfect way of finishing the game in normal mode at all.

Play the game here

Mr. Strange And The Core – Released

Our first completed game Mr. Strange And The Core is now released to the public after several months of small improvements since we “finished” the game.

Check out this full gameplay video first, then read about it and play it, it’s free ­čÖé

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Our first game

Mr. Strange and The Core Title ScreenWe are currently working on a fun puzzle game that will take you into incredible underground mazes with an everlasting struggle against good and evil.

The story

You play as Mr. ┬áStrange, half a gentleman half a skinny bear. Captured by the infamous Dr. Mania who experimented on Mr. Stranges’ DNA in his underground secret lair. Yes, an underground secret lair – wait, it gets better!

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