Mr. Strange and the Core walkthrough video

Here’s a long overdue post for a game we released some time ago. A walkthrough video for Mr. Strange and the Core. I just wanted to give this video a home on our blog as well. ┬áHere we go, and bare in mind that this is not a perfect way of finishing the game in normal mode at all.

Play the game here

Our first game

Mr. Strange and The Core Title ScreenWe are currently working on a fun puzzle game that will take you into incredible underground mazes with an everlasting struggle against good and evil.

The story

You play as Mr. ┬áStrange, half a gentleman half a skinny bear. Captured by the infamous Dr. Mania who experimented on Mr. Stranges’ DNA in his underground secret lair. Yes, an underground secret lair – wait, it gets better!

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