New Game – WobbleBlockies


Our latest game WobbleBlockies is up for sponsor bidding on Flash Game License. It is a creative physics puzzle game where you balance all of the cute WobbleBlockies in various terrains. Check out the game trailer below:

WobbleBlockies contains 40 challenging levels which introduce new elements to the game as you play.  The concept starts off very simple to balance all of the WobbleBlockies in the terrain before more elements such as rotational placement, directional gravity, placement zones, different terrains such as glass and much more. When you complete the game the hard difficulty is unlocked which you can select via the level select screen and try to beat the levels under much more challenging circumstances.

WobbleBlockies includes a level editor inside the game that you can access directly from the title screen before you even complete the game. Here you can view a list of levels shared by other players all around the world and rate them 1-5 stars depending on how much you enjoyed their level. You can also create your own levels in the game in a simple to use level editor that uses free transformation like aspects to the different shapes you add so its easy to resize, reposition and rotate anything you add. There is also a small help button in the corner that will give you more information about each aspect of the level editor and some handy keyboard shortcuts.

WobbleBlockies game includes 10 unlockable trophies that you will receive for doing various different things throughout the game such as finally completing a level that you have been stuck on, visiting the sponsors website or completing the game with the hard difficulty. These trophies are not just for the hardcore players who want to 100% complete the game but are designed specifically to the levels themselves so players feel like they are progressing through the game rather than just playing another level.


If you are a sponsor or developer come and check out the game on FGL.

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