Mr. Strange And The Core – Released


Our first completed game Mr. Strange And The Core is now released to the public after several months of small improvements since we “finished” the game.

Check out this full gameplay video first, then read about it and play it, it’s free ūüôā

As you probably can see from the video, gameplay itself is pretty simple, but again there is a twist that makes this game somewhat a hard physics puzzle game to master. You can not move the player, but only change the direction of gravity in each room – the character then “falls” to that direction. It might seem¬†awkward¬†at first, but this is actually what makes you think about your every move in the game. You have to “fall” to the right place in order to pass.

You can play our game here, after being sponsored by ArmorGames  and is also available on Kongregate and NewGrounds.

If you would like to purchase non-exclusive site locks we would like to hear from you. Use the contact page.

Mr. Strange And The Core was a reasonably sizeable game with many things to offer to all players and publishers alike. Depending on its popularity we would really like to expand on the story this will be at a later stage of course as we have other projects underway.

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